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OUT NOW! – 1039-001 – CD/DL – Chris Pitsiokos / Javier Areal Vélez / Kevin Murray – “First Blush”, recorded live at Downtown Music Gallery. Listen / purchase from our bandcamp. cassette released by Lurker Bias. press onesheet (pdf): https://tinyurl.com/yxap9ch7

Upcoming Pool shows (stream from our facebook):

Pool 18 (in person / online): gabby fluke-mogul (violin) / Joanna Mattrey (viola) / Kevin Murray (drums), Nate Wooley (solo trumpet), Aaron Rubinstein (guitar) / Michael Larocca (drums). facebook event / stream link / tickets HERE.


PAST (all digital “shows” archived on the FB page):

Pool 17 (in person / online): Chris Williams (trumpet) / Wendy Eisenberg (guitar) / Aaron Edgcomb (drums), gabby fluke-mogul (solo violin), Raf Vertessen (drums) / Will Greene (guitar)

Pool 16 (digital): Javier Areal Vélez (solo guitar), Kevin Shea’s Sexy Thoughts Presents: “Bulgalow Sonics”, Nathan Corder “show of hands” (electronics), Aaron Rubinstein (guitar)/Michael Larocca (drums). fb event/stream link.

Pool 15 (in person / online): Wendy Eisenberg solo (guitar), Chris Pitsiokos solo (alto saxophone), William Parker (bass)/Aaron Rubinstein (guitar)/Kevin Murray (drums). tickets / livestream here.

Pool 14 (digital): Luke Stewart “Gaps” (electronics/visuals), Violeta García (cello), Chris Williams (cornet) & Patrick Shiroishi (saxophone).

Pool 13 (digital): Sunday, August 16th, 8pm EST: Brandon Davis (double bass), Webb Crawford (Tromba marina), Tom Weeks (alto saxophone).

Pool 12 (digital): Saturday, May 2nd: Kalun Leung (trombone), Leo Suarez (drums), Kyle Motl (contrabass), T.J. Borden (cello).

Pool 11 (digital): Friday, April 10th: DoYeon Kim (gayageum, voice, percussion, etc), Michael Larocca (drums, objects), Dan O’Brien (reeds), Elinor Speirs (violin).

Pool 10 (digital): Wednesday, April 1st: gabby fluke-mogul (violin), Aliya Ultan (cello, voice) / Daniel Iván Bruno (electronics), Kaelen Ghandhi (saxophone).

Pool 9 (digital): Saturday, March 14th: Sandy Ewen (guitar) / Weasel Walter (drums), TONED (Nathan Corder, electronics; Leo Suarez, drums; Tom Weeks, saxophones).

Pool 8 (Brooklyn): Friday, February 21st: Michael Foster (sax) / Drew Wesely (guitar) / Carlo Costa (drums, percussion), T.J. Borden (cello) / Kyle Motl (contrabass), Sam Weinberg (solo saxophone), Sandy Ewen / Aron Namenwirth (guitar duo).

Pool 7 (Brooklyn): Sunday, February 9th: Wendy Eisenberg (banjo) / Zach Rowden (violin), Majid Araim (mandolin, violin, etc) / Luke Stewart (bass), Brandon Lopez / Kyle Motl (bass duo), Elinor Speirs (violin) / Aaron Rubinstein (guitar).

Pool 6 (Brooklyn): Friday, January 31st: Kaelen Ghandhi (saxophones) / Michael Larocca (drums & objects) / Jonathan Milberger (saxophones), Ben Cohen (solo saxophone), Vinicius Ciccone Cajado (solo bass), Ayumi Ishito (tenor saxophone) / Stelios Mihas (el. guitar) / Daniel Carter (woodwinds & trumpet).

Pool 5 (Brooklyn): Friday, January 10th: Chris Pitsiokos (solo alto saxophone), David Grollman (solo magic cup, etc), Chris Cretella / Lautaro Mantilla (guitar duo), Aaron Rubinstein (guitar) / Kevin Murray (drums).


Pool 4 (Brooklyn): Friday, December 13th: Luisa Muhr (voice/movement) / Dina Maccabee (viola), Elinor Speirs (solo violin), Aaron Rubinstein (guitar) / Michael Larocca (drums), Elinor Speirs (violin) / Drew Wesely (guitar) / Kevin Murray (drums).

Pool 3 (Muchmore’s, Brooklyn): Tuesday, July 30th: CP Unit (Chris Pitsiokos, a. sax; Sam Lisabeth, guitar; Henry Fraser, bass; Jason Nazary, drums), Michael Larocca (solo drumset), Aaron Rubinstein (guitar) / Kevin Murray (drums).

Pool 2 (Muchmore’s, Brooklyn): Sunday, June 30th: Joe Moffet (solo trumpet), Jeremiah Cymerman (solo clarinet), Dan O’Brien (reeds) / Aaron Rubinstein (guitar) / Raf Vertessen (drums).

Pool 1 (Muchmore’s, Brooklyn): Tuesday, May 21st: Dave Parmelee (drums) / Chris Cretella (guitar) / Michael Larocca (drums) / Aaron Rubinstein (guitar), Raf Vertessen (drums) / Will Greene (guitar), Ben Cohen (saxophones) / Eli Wallace (synth) / Drew Wesely (guitar) / Kevin Shea (drums).

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